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Vedant, Shri Datta Devasthan Trust, Vedantnagar

Sadguru Shri Ramakrishna Saraswati Swamiji founded Shri Datta Devasthan Trust in 1974 at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, with a view to protect and preserve the Vedic Traditions and Vedic culture. The Trust runs a Gurukul university for vedic education called "Vedant Vidyapeetham". Learn More about Vedant ...

Shri Dattakshetra Project

This is a huge project undertaken by the Trust. A magnificent temple of Lord Dattatreya has been constructed, in pink colored 'Bansi-Paharpur' stone. This is a unique temple that will provide solace to the devotees for centuries to come and extend Vedant and Vedic Culture to the masses. Learn More about Dattakshetra ...

Get Involved

This is an open invitation to one and all to participate in the divine work of Vedic heritage conservation initiated by Sadguru through Vedant. There are various ways in which you can participate. The idea is to give a chance to everyone for upliftment by contributing to this noble cause. Learn More about Satsang ...


The Trust has various publications which are aimed at acquainting everyone with the true knowledge of Hindu Religion and Vedic Culture. The books explain religion in the simplest words which can be easily understood by everyone. The golden words of Sadguru appeal to everyone, irrespective of age and background. Learn More about Publications ...

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