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Guru Parampara

'Guru Parampara', succession of Gurus (Preceptor or spiritual teacher), has utmost significance in Hindu religion. It has originated from Lord Shiva himself and has continued through the present times through succession of Gurus. Every Guru in this tradition exhibits the divine virtues of profound spiritual knowledge, sacrifice of all worldly pleasures and indifference to material gains. The Guru may pass on his spiritual power to a deserving disciple (shishya), who can become the next Guru in the Guru Parampara. The great Gurus belonging to this Parampara have propagated the importance of the Vedic Religion and the eternal philosophies of Vedanta. The Guru Parampara assumes significance because it comes from Lord Shiva Himself, followed by Lord Vishnu & Bramhadeva and has been continued by Sages Vasistha, Shakti, Parashar, Vyas, Shuka, Shri Gaudpadacharya, Shri Govindpadacharya and then again almost 1200 years ago, by the great Guru 'Shrimad Adya Shankarachyarya'. Shrimad Adya Shankaracharya revived the Vedic religion and traveled all over the country (India) to bring the different cults existing at that time under one roof and proving the supremacy of Vedic concepts to all. He removed the misconception and rivalry among different cults and brought harmony among all.

The Guru parampara continued with Shri Malyananda Swamiji, Shri Krishna Saraswati Swamiji and Shri Nrusimha Saraswati Swamiji, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, who re-established the importance of Vedas and directed people to the path of devotion and knowledge.

In the present times, 'Sadguru Shri Ramakrishna saraswati Swamiji', disciple of Shri Nrusimha Saraswati Swamiji, has undertaken the same mission, viz. 'protection and revitalization of the Vedas'.

The devotees of Sadguru constantly feel the inner urge to work for the fulfillment of His mission viz. spreading of Vedant culture, because they keep experiencing the divine power of Gurudev.

Shri Ramakrishna Kshirsagar

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