|| Shree Datta   Devasthān Trust ||

Shree Datta Devasthan Trust is a holy non-profit organization that was founded in 1974 at Ahmednagar (Maharashtra, India) by His Holiness Shree Ramakrishna Kshirsagar Swamiji. Swamiji’s goal in his divine life was to protect and preserve the Vedās, and to propagate the philosophies of Vedanta and its benefits to all mankind.

Today, Shree Datta Devasthanam Trust runs the Vedant Vidyapeetham, and takes care of Shree Datta Kshetra Temple. We encourage you to browse through this portal to learn more about the Trust and its divine mission.

Vedant University

Established in 1974 with the goal of providing research facilities and education of Vedās, Yajna and Shastra as per ancient 'Gurukul' concept of education. Learn more >>>
Shree Rāmkrishna Swamiji

Swamiji belongs to the divine tradition of Adi Shankaracharya. He had 'sakshantkara' (spiritual realization) at the age of seven. He led an ascetic life. His goal in life was conservation and protection of Vedās. Learn more >>>
Shree Datta Devasthan Trust

It was established by Shree Swamiji and runs Vedant Vidyapeetham, Tapovan and Shree Datta Kshetra Temple. It also conducts various Yajna rituals and festivals every year. Learn more >>>
Shree Datta Kshetra

It has been constructed with a view to provide peace of mind and solace to future generations. It is the biggest temple of Lord Dattatreya in the country. Learn more >>>
Festivals and Events

Each year there are four main festivals celebrated in the temple, Shree Guru Pournima, Shree Dattatreya Jayanti, Shree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti and Shree Ramakrishna Swamiji Jayanti. Learn more >>>
Satsang Mandals & Volunteers

The Trust has many Satsang centers in each district of Maharashtra state and in other states as well. These Satsang centers are volunteer organizations that work for Shree Datta Devasthan Trust. Learn more >>>

The divine tree, which has a combination of Audumbar (Cluster Fig), Peepal (Banyan) and Wad (Sacred Fig) coming from the same roots. This is truly a miracle of nature and an evidence of divine presence in Devasthan. Learn more >>>
Publications and Articles

The divine messages and philosophy of Shree Swamiji have been compiled by his divotees and published in various books such as 'Guruwani', 'Amritkalash', 'Satguru Samwad'. These books are available in Marathi, English, Hindi, Gujarathi and Kannada languages. Learn more >>>

Here you can see some recordings of Shree Gurudev's blessed words. You can also see the students at the University taking lessons from Vedic teachers.and experience the bliss of vedic chants. Learn more >>>


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